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Hummers Heated Delight - The Original Heated Hummingbird Feeder - American Made - Family Owned and Operated

Photo Courtesy of Bernadette Price - Columbia River Gorge

 Welcome to Hummers Heated Delight!

The Hummers Heated Delight is a heated hummingbird feeder that will feed your hummingbirds warm food all winter long. They love it! Powered by a 6 ft long, 2 prong household electrical plug. Just plug it in, no complicated settings.

The Hummers Heated Delight is a revolutionary new product based on years of research and testing which was designed by the inventor of Bo's Anchor Release line of products. A complete feeder and heater unit all in one.

As many bird lovers know, hummingbirds may overwinter and in doing so their food supplies may be limited or even non-existent during cold snaps. Nectar in standard feeders will begin to freeze at 27° Degrees Fahrenheit.

The Hummers Heated Delight prevents the hummingbird's food from freezing which allows them to feed during cold weather. Our heated feeders have been tested in the brutal winters of Northern Minnesota at temperatures as low as 1° Degree Fahrenheit and the food was still liquid - unfrozen.

We are a small family business and our heated hummingbird feeders are handmade with care by the Bolen Family. Hummers Heated Delight was developed and tested in the beautiful Willamette Valley region of Oregon where there are hummingbirds year-round, commonly known as Overwintering

Thank you for stopping by! Hummers Heated Delight 

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