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Bo's is the original Anchor Release system. He secured a patent in 1981.... and he is still going strong. Over 16,000 of Bo's anchor releases are now in service across the United States.

R1 Standard Release

Benefits of Bo's Anchor Release

  • You can keep your hands on the oars while releasing anchor.
  • Rope locks as soon as your foot is removed from the release.
  • Convenient pull rope to lift anchor.
  • Rope locks as soon as the rope is dropped.
  • Very FAST!
  • Accommodates 3/8" to 1/2" rope


Made of aluminum and stainless steel, all parts of the system are built to last. Bo uses brass bushings, teflon washers and slide plates and Delrin pulleys. All hand welded and constructed, you have the best of systems available.


Oar rest

Benefits of Bo's Oar Rest

  • Holds your oars up in place. Just quickly snap your oars in Bo's Oar Rest while playing that big fish.
  • Convenient and easy to snap oars in and out of Bo's Oar Rest.
  • Fits all standard-size oars (spacers can be added for over-sized oars).

Easy to install-comes complete with aluminum brackets. Easily adaptable to aluminum, fiberglass or wooden drift boats.

Durable construction of polycarbonate.


rod rest

Bo's Rod Rest

Can be mounted to any flat survace permanently. Made of flexible, unbreakable material, it is molded to last a lifetime. The snap-off rest can be removed in a second and replaced as easily. Adaptable to fit most rods. Butt plate mounts to floor boards of the boat to hold rod handle in.

  • Especially for drift boats
  • Easily clips or screws into place
  • For plugging and trolling
  • Doesn't get in the way in the boat
  • Protects valuable rods from marred finishes or breakage
  • Perfect answer for the fisherman!