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Last Updated June 20th, 2018 - Pre-Order Now!

Hummers Heated Delight Customers:

Updated June 20th, 2018: EXCITING NEWS Hummers Heated Delight lovers!!!

My name is Dave Bolen, I am the nephew of Lars “Bo” Bolen who created Hummers Heated Delight feeders and established the company along with his amazing wife Sharon.

I will be assuming ownership of Hummers Heated Delight to ensure their legacy and continue the company for many years to come. I also want you to know that I will show the company, feeders and customers the same kind of attention and detail my Uncle and Aunt always did.

As you know, there have been many setbacks and unfortunately all of you suffered because of them. I apologize and will do my best to make it right.

My current estimate is I will start producing feeders in Mid-July. This will ensure I have a sufficient stock built up well before fall so none of our small friends will go foodless once the temperatures drop.

The Hummers Heated Delight Pre-Order Form is now available! Click HERE to fill out the Pre-Order Form so we many contact you to verify your information and arrange payment once we are ready to start shipping our heated hummingbird feeders.

Currently we anticipate to start shipping orders on or before August 1st with priority given to customers who previously had orders cancelled.

By July 15th you will have the ability to place an order and pay via a credit card through the website. You may also sign up for our newsletter which we will use to update you on production and sales as well as anything else you may want to know about. There will be a printable order form on the website if you wish to mail a check. Or of course, you may call us. We understand technology isn’t for everyone

Thank you for all your support and understanding through our Family’s trying times.

Sincerely, Dave & Carrie Bolen

Updated June 15th, 2018:

Just a quick note to let people know our Contact Us page form was not working for the last few weeks. It was due to the cross over in email addresses from the old management to the new.

If any of you submitted that form and did NOT get a response this is why. Please resubmit your questions or comments and we will reply ASAP. We truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Sincerely, Dave & Carrie Bolen


Please take a moment to check out the wonderful article written by Steve Lathrop in the Albany Democrat-Herald about Hummers Heated Delight heated hummingbird feeders. You can read it [here].

The Hummers Heated Delight is a heated hummingbird feeder that will feed your hummingbirds warm food all winter long. They love it! Powered by a 6 ft long, 2 prong household electrical plug. Just plug it in, no complicated settings.

The Hummers Heated Delight is a revolutionary new product based on years of research and testing which was designed by the inventor of Bo's Anchor Release line of products. A complete feeder and heater unit all in one.

As many bird lovers know, hummingbirds may overwinter and in doing so their food supplies may be limited or even non-existent during cold snaps. Nectar in standard feeders will begin to freeze at 27° Degrees Fahrenheit.

The Hummers Heated Delight prevents the hummingbird's food from freezing which allows them to feed during cold weather. Our heated feeders have been tested in the brutal winters of Northern Minnesota at temperatures as low as 1° Degree Fahrenheit and the food was still liquid - unfrozen.

We are a small family business and our heated hummingbird feeders are handmade with care. Hummers Heated Delight was developed and tested in the beautiful Willamette Valley region of Oregon where we have hummingbirds year-round. These are designed for under the eaves or on a patio. Not for direct weather.

Thank you for stopping by! Hummers Heated Delight